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I called in sick…I’m self-employed.

The sore throat, ever so slight, started around the 20th of June. My immune system was too busy spazzing out about pollen and attacking friendly connective tissues to really notice the bogies that had taken up residence in the ear-nose-throat area. By Wednesday, I was wishing for cold weather so I could comfortably curl up under warm covers and sleep it off. The Arizona heat was not amenable to my suggestion.

Wednesday was Eric’s and my anniversary. (Ten years. Can you believe that? An even decade of Nabity-ness.) It was also Chris’s last night in town before heading to Indiana for pre-training training. (Gotta love the US military.) He asked us to have dinner with his family at the sushi place at the mall. Eric said is was very good. I’m not much of a sushi fan and I think I was lacking a sense of taste because the spicy tuna roll tasted just like the blue fin roll and the fish eggs. (In my effort to further broaden my alcohol base, I also tried shochu. Pretty good, from what I could taste.)

By mid-day Thursday, my cold had firmly settled in my ears. Throughout Friday, I was coughing up gunk and didn’t get much sleep. Still haven’t gotten much sleep.  I was pretty okay most of Saturday, after applying a decongestant and aspirin, but as soon as I lay down I start coughing. My eating habits have been terrible and my work ethic has been subsumed by mucus. I have managed enough wakefulness to read 2/3 of Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book and nearly get my EQ2 character to max level. My FridayFlash remains a draft. I just realize it’s Sunday and I haven’t thought much about 52/250 or Obscure Media Monday. Also, I have several bits of Divine Fire that need writing.

I’m going the home-made NyQuil route at the moment — cherry vodka on top of my other drugs.  Might also try a little lavender-lace humidity. My cough is moving away from mucous removal and toward effort to sooth dry irritated throat.