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Book #17 – The Graveyard Book

Book #17 – The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman

The Greater Phoenix Digital Library sucked me in again. The City & The City didn’t immediately catch my interest, so I moved on to The Graveyard Book, it being another highly lauded book that I had not read. I’m not a big Gaiman fan, but I rather enjoyed it. For a while, I wished it had been written by Ray Bradbury, but Bradbury couldn’t have given it enough of a dark edge. It’s a simply told story and somewhat predictable, but it’s good to see YA horror that doesn’t have shiny vampires or the like. (I suppose this is very much a "boy" book. Why is it that I feel like "boy" books are about growing up while "girl" books are about mooning over boys? I’m sure I’m being too harsh, but sometimes I wonder.)

I headed back to The City & The City, but it will be rough finishing it in six days before it’s "returned." Then again, Eric will be heading to Omaha on Wednesday, so I’ll have my druthers to some degree while he’s gone. After that, I’m going to give Dan Simmons’ Drood a go. Also on hold: Del Toro’s The Strain and Soulless by Gail Carriger.


Still haven’t had a really good night of sleep. I was feeling okay-ish yesterday, but this morning it became obvious that I needed something different. We headed to a drug store for Alka-Seltzer Cold only to find that the battery in Eric’s truck gave up the ghost. It was due. I napped between 10-noon, but have since gotten little done. My brain is mush. I really don’t want to sleep all day and screw my schedule entirely. Alas, out of energy drinks unless I want one of Eric’s sugary ones.