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This, That and The Other

Slept decently last night. Very little coughing. That could be because we had some monsoon moisture move in the night before, or because my throat has healed and is less inclined to be irritated, or because I drank way too many tasty beverages at Nicole and Joe’s going away party. The party was made all the sweeter by Joe proposing to Nicole. I remember when the two had just met; major kudos to them!

None of the digital books I have checked out are holding my interest. The City & The City has been tainted by too many night of reading it while coughing and feeling sickly. Also, I’m not appreciative of Mieville’s use of dashes and parentheses. There’s a great deal of exposition in that book. I’m still waiting on The Strain. My reading list has completely fallen by the wayside. I blame summer apathy. I plan on doing a day of just reading sometime this week, just for the heck of it. For the moment, I’m going to work on the next book in the Horus Heresy.

One of the little joys of having the apartment to myself is not having to use headphones very often. I’ve been watching Pushing Daisies on the big screen. Considering that we currently have no downstairs or next door neighbor, the music has been louder than usual too. In the category of recently watched movies that don’t suck:

  • Edge of Darkness (2010) – Watched this before the latest bout of Mel Gibson idiocy. Decent movie, a revenge flick that is occasionally a little too convenient in it’s plot developments.
  • The Lady Vanishes (1938) – Old, but good, though the comedy elements seemed a little out of place sometimes. And, boy, Michael Redgrave was certainly a looker in his time.
  • Bernard and Doris (2006) – An HBO film about Doris Duke (Susan Sarandon) and her butler, Bernard Lafferty (Ralph Fiennes
  • Neo Ned (2005) – An indie film with Jeremy Renner as a very messed up guy searching for where he belongs. That does sound a bit familiar.
  • A couple documentaries: Tales from the Script and When You’re Strange. The former about screenwriting in Hollywood (a subject that is always befuddling) and the latter about The Doors.

Made chicken fricassee Thursday night and am still working on the leftovers despite my want for pizza.