Daily Archives: July 15, 2010

Keeping Busy

Summer is definitely here. Remembering how my ears hurt after a frightfully short amount of time in the 17 degree weather in Omaha in February, I’m not complaining. I will offer up, with no other comment, that the low last night was 92 degrees.

I suppose I’m not doing too badly, work-wise.  Luck for Hire is being worked out slowly. I’ve also been puttering around with a Divine Fire scene and have an alternate #FridayFlash in the bag if I need it. I have already gotten a rejection back for Model Species so more querying is needed.

Did a bit of cleaning Monday. I got it into my head to wash some of my blinds. What a pain… Generally ignored work, letting my brain mull on the possible hi-jinx of Mr. Luck.

Tuesday, I headed to campus to work for a while and got a bit done. Then met up with Cathy & Betsy (former NDLB teammates) and Marnie for lunch. Such lunches at Four Peaks are becoming a nice standard, though I should probably limit my beer intake to…less than I’ve been drinking.

Yesterday started out with disc, which was a surprise considering how many people are on vacation.  Due to a couple of players from Portland, heading to beach tournament, we had fours. Good game. I felt good; unfortunately, better than my actual ability. I took off on a couple of cuts and just could not catch up to the disc. During the last two non-disc workouts, I’ve been using an elliptical trainer instead of the treadmill. I have hopes it might be gentler on my knees, and might provide a small measure of strength training. No judgment on its merits yet. Got a very drafty version of the second Luck for Hire vignette done with the help of a phone chat with Eric. I was glad he called during the day when we weren’t both tired. Then topped off an already good Wednesday with dinner at Rula Bula with Reif.

On the slate today, rewriting the second Luck for Hire vignette. I bounced it to Eric yesterday and had suggestions waiting for me in my inbox last night. I also want to clean up the backroom closet and stash the books I’m babysitting for Chris. Might take a look at some gaming materials too.