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Book #18 – False Gods

Short review. A windy, not-very-cool storm front woke me up and I’m having trouble getting back to sleep with all the window rattling. But am also not very awake and have no desire to blow the rest of the night with a pot of coffee.


Book #18 – False Gods by Graham McNeill

This is the second Horus Heresy novel. The first I read earlier this year and enjoyed quite a bit. Plot-wise, False Gods pays off many of the circumstances set in motion by Horus Rising. While I feel that Dan Abnett (the author of the first book) is a better military sci-fi author, McNeill is the better horror writer. It struck me half way through this book that as Chaos becomes more of a player, these novels have the potential to be a superb sci-fi/horror hybrid. And since Chris left this books here, I can read them at my leisure.


Next up, finish The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan before my digital copy expires. Which shouldn’t be hard. I have 15 days left and intend to finish it in ten. Adobe Digital Editions is annoying me somewhat with it lack of smooth scroll on most of these books. Page by page is not ideal when reading from a monitor.