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Talking to the walls again…

If I didn’t care about things, I would be a lot less stressed.

It’s fall league time again. A bothersome aspect of the last couple leagues is the very short pre-league time-frame. Registering 176 guys and 80 women to play league takes about four weeks. If we want shirts in time for the first game, we have to do draft 1.5-2 weeks before that game (probably more, I stay out of the whole shirt thing). So, not getting things going until a month before is cutting things short. Registration is set to close on the 18th. Currently, we have 71 guys and 17 ladies signed up. We need 65% of our registration in the next ten days.

This is something I should not be stressed about. I can’t do much about it. But it’s something I care about. I love playing league. It’s a social and physical outlet for me. That it may go poorly distresses me.

Then there is EQ2 stress. Eric and play EverQuest 2 on a regular basis. Neither of us are raiders; EQ2 has lots of solo content and non-combat content. In particularly girly fashion, I enjoy the housing. (While I was never a doll person, I did like doll houses. ‘Course with EQ2 my decorating can include weaponry and dragons. (And I’m geeky enough to have an album of screenshots.)) Anyway, Sony Online is rolling out a new free-to-play/micro-transaction version of the the game on entirely different servers from the "live" servers. This means, potentially, that new players will use the free-to-play servers instead of established servers. Without the incoming new players, the established servers will slowly succumb to attrition. The in-game economies will tank. The question is: If Sony proceeds with this model as planned, is it worth $30/month (for Eric and I) to play while the game world degrades around us? If anything, we’re probably going to take a few months off in protest.

Again, not something I’m terribly in control of, but it’s a bummer. But I’ll probably get more reading done without EQ2.

Lastly, career-wise, it’s hard to keep the faith 24/7. I realize that life is pretty Sisyphean in nature, but sometimes I get very tired of pushing boulders. Nothing in particular set off this bout of "meh." At least, nothing I can pinpoint. Occasionally (and probably detrimentally), I step back for a day or two and choose not to participate. I’m over it. Every day is new.