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Where Am I?

I really should have posted some backup fiction last Friday for #FridayFlash. But I didn’t. I couldn’t spur myself into action. This week, I’ll include some fiction plugs here:

Pas de Chat is up to chapter 12.
And today I added another piece to the puzzle that is Luck for Hire. I also added a handy-dandy story chronology list to the sidebar.

Nothing going on in the land of 52|250 or Obscure Media Monday, though it is my best intention to contribute to both again soon.

On Tuesday, the pall of my recent "meh"-ness fell away. Seriously, it felt like I suddenly shed a skin. I don’t know what hormones/neurotransmitters were cycling through my body, but they were abruptly gone. Which means I’m back to my normal level of pessimism instead of let-the-rock-crush-me pessimism.