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Of Schedules and Introversion

I like schedules. I like to know what is going on and when. And it occurs to me that having a schedule might be another way that I manage my social energy. I’ve talked before about the concept of energy budgeting as an introvert: sometimes the introverts needs recharge instead of continuously engaging and some situations require less energy than others. Having schedule is like knowing what bills need paying when working out a monetary budget.

Planned activities are great. Online interaction can be delayed. But I’m not a complete hermit and an entirely scheduled life isn’t possible.

It’s been two [correction: three] years and I still have problems Eric being a student and not having much of a schedule. When he worked (or when I worked), I knew that I’d see him briefly in the morning, at lunch, and then after 6pm. The intervening time was mine. It was possible not to see anyone during the entire eight hours. Now… I try to be flexible, but it’s rough. Conversations might start at any moment. That sounds ridiculous, he’s my husband after all, but it does take a certain amount of energy to switch from inner-Katherine-world to outer-world with no warning.


Short pieces for the coming week are written. I need to read and also get my brain churning on Luck for Hire. Need to take a look at my submission spreadsheet too.

My hands, feet and back have been aching since Friday. Surely the extra five minutes on the elliptical didn’t set off a flare up, right?

League registration is occurring with no more drama than usual. We have about half the women we need and four days left of registration. Since we’re back to captaining this season, I’m of course anxious about draft. Odd VOTS league fact: since we’ve gone to a 16 team league (with ideally 176 men registered), an average of 7 men named Eric sign up each season. Record number of Erics on a team: 4.