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A Triple Digit Number

During our walk last night, Eric asked if I thought I’d hit triple digits for the number of rejections I’ve received, across all projects, during my career. I shuddered to think.

But the answer is yes.

108 rejections, in fact, since I started keeping track in a spreadsheet. (There’s a handful more from my college days, but I’m much too lazy to wrench open the file cabinet to count those.) Honestly, for as long as I’ve been working at it, that number is low.

Here’s the count by project:

Lucinda at the Window: 31
A Soldier’s Dowry (aka, big sprawling fantasy novel #1): 5
Pas de Chat: 23
Model Species: 17 (6 & 11; the first time a couple years back. MS is a better novel now.)

"Maids": 5
"The Manor" (an except from Lucinda at the Window): 3
"Pas de Chat": 6
"Wicked, but Effective" (reworked and renamed  "Wicked Witch for Hire"): 7
"Eaters of Dust": 5
"Personal Trustworthiness": 2
"Breakfast in the Garden": 4