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Book #21; Where Am I?

Fiction! All over the place!

  • Wrote a scene for Luck for Hire. Eric and I both agreed that it was a snoozer. Rewrote it. Hopefully, the new version is better: Other Interested Parties.
  • Pas de Chat, chapter 13 is available for consumption as well. I need to set up a few more chapters today or tomorrow.
  • I have a short bit up at 52|250 as well: "Bouncy with Anticipation". Just realized that my first piece for 52|250 was entitled "Bounce!"
  • Okay, not fiction, but about fiction (of the movie type): I posted a rare Obscure Media Monday entry on two horror movies that utilize the sea.


Book #21 – Cat in the Mirror by Mary Stolz

This is another case where my memory of something does not match my recent experience of it.

I first read this book in 7th grade. I had switched from a Lutheran school to public school that year. My 7th grade English and Social Studies teacher, Mrs. Hayenga, may be one of the most influential teachers I’ve had. She presented interesting books instead of the dry classics. The other book I remember reading was The White Mountains by John Christopher. Science fiction! In an English class! It gave the genre fiction I loved some legitimacy. Why couldn’t all English classes be this way? (I’m of the opinion that they can be.

As I a kid, I had an interest in ancient Egypt, so this book was right up my alley. Erin, the main character, is fantastically transported from her mundane life to Egypt where…well…things aren’t all that different. What I didn’t remember, or didn’t appreciate, is that Erin’s kind of whiny. I suppose that’s the way we are as adolescents when nothing is quite what we hope it will be. But as an adult, it kind of chafes. The Egypt section was very didactic and not very narrative.

During this ten-day, I also read "The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model" by Charlie Jane Anders. Good in a pretty traditional science fiction kind of way.