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30 Days of Writing – Day #1

I haven’t posted all week. I should be posting more often about writing. Via a retweet I was pointed to J. Koyanagi blogging the 30 Days of Writing meme. Sound procrastinatingly fun. 😉

1. Tell us about your favorite writing project/universe that you’ve worked with and why.

At any particular moment, I might love or hate whatever I’m working on. Luck for Hire has been pretty fun thus far, but it’s sort of too early to tell. The Weordan books probably win only because I’ve spent the most time in that world and it has the best potential for the comedy. I have a soft spot for anthropomorphizing animals and the lost technology of Weordan gives me the excuse to do that. (Maybe I’ll post some moth fiction for #FridayFlash…) Weordan has also been the most satisfying thing to write because of the complexity of the world. Whenever something in Weordan finally *worked*?  That’s been the best feeling I’ve experienced during the writing process. And it means that the process Eric and I engage in works.

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Best Time of the Year

In addition to shorter days and cooler weather, September begins what I consider to be frisbee season. There’s fall league and the club tournaments and then, after a short hiatus, New Year Fest and spring league in the new year. Plus, the first league I played in was a fall league. I might have played a couple of games previous to it, but I consider August of 2001 to be the beginning of my involvement with ultimate.

The last couple of days have been a blur of emails and Excel spreadsheets. Rosters and registrations. Requests and replies. Sunday and Monday were the usual wash of updates to the rosters and captains wondering what’s going on. We managed to get barely enough women to have a 16-team league, so we had to notify the extra men that we’d put on the wait list. Draft was done differently, with the captains "picking" themselves in the appropriate rounds which meant the captains (myself included) had a little more work to do. We all had to estimate where our fellow captains would be picked.

Tuesday was draft so Eric and I spent the afternoon contemplating our picking options. Draft… The different way of doing draft wasn’t a problem. It probably won’t improve the strong team/weak team thing, but only a season of play will prove that out. That we ended up with lots of male and female baggage did make the last couple rounds pretty chaotic. Plus, after three hours in one room, 32 people get antsy, bored and chatty. That always, always wears me down.

After a brief stop at the grocery store, Eric and I got home at 12:30am. I quickly formatted team lists and got to bed at around 2am. And then got up at 5:30am to go play disc. (And while catching one-handed is NOT a good habit, three hours of sleep didn’t help my ability to do so.) The rest of Wednesday was spent fixing women’s registration options, formatting the shirt and team email lists, setting up the schedule and team webpage. Happily, I was able to use last season’s schedule with only some small modifications. Today will be more of the same, but less. While I am not happy that we started registration a bit late and ran it for only about three weeks, it is nice to have some time before the first game to get everything squared away.

Regarding the team Eric and I picked: I like it. We have tall and speedy. We have handlers. We have old vets and new people. I finally get to play on a team with Al; I again get to play on a team  with Dave and Reif. We have the potential to be a very strong team. Should be fun.