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30 Days of Writing – Day #8: Genre

8. What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

I claim to enjoy writing horror most. Indeed, I do have a perverse love for the gruesome scene. I also like to write humorous bits. At least, I think they’re humorous. But most of what I write is not entirely within those genres. Rather, the sci-fi/mystery/it-might-look-like-fantasy that I do write have elements of horror and/or humor in them.

I do have a special love for the horror-comedy genre of movies.

It’s easier to put my finger on what I don’t like to read (or write). I’m not a Romance fan. I haven’t quite got into Noir or too much recent YA. I haven’t read any Westerns, but that doesn’t mean I won’t. I’m not a huge fan of general literary fiction, but occasionally I like the odd Brett Easton Ellis novel. I could name genres I like, but really, it’s only 10% of the genre that I care for. I’m like this with music too. I might say I like industrial metal, but really 90% of industrial metal doesn’t do a thing for me.


September is off to a good start. Knocked out 800 words on one scene yesterday and threw it Eric’s way this morning. I need to work on rewrites of that and get it ready to post for #FridayFlash. Did 800 this morning on a new scene. (Yeah, 800 a day isn’t huge, but it’s more than less than 800/day.)

Played disc yesterday, will probably play some tonight. In the end, writing and disc are pretty much my two qualifiers for a good day.

Also, I’m going to try the new LJ repost thing. I apologize if it sucks.