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30 Days of Writing – Day #9: Characters

9. How do you get ideas for your characters? Describe the process of creating them.

Funny enough, I mentioned character creation in today’s Luck for Hire / #FridayFlash entry. Characters should be the product of plot. They should be the drivers of the plot. To some extent, they are Eric’s purview though they seem to fall to me (and then get bounced to Eric and back to me and…). The two previous entries at Luck for Hire concern character creation as well: when two characters are replaced by others.

I have no system for detailing characters. The type of person he/she is and what he/she will do in the plot is usually followed by a name (and names carry detail weight) and then some appearance and behavior details. I’ve never been one to fill out surveys or memes for my characters.


Great turnout last night at league welcome night. Got a little play in and met two of our ladies. Al and Kuby were both there (one of our female players is Kuby’s daughter, Nora) as well as Nora’s friend, Paul. I am eager to get the season started. Our team has quite a bit of potential on an individual level and I’m anxious to see how well we’re going to play together. And I always want to have a team that gets along well together. I have to wait until Thursday to get the first taste of that.