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30 Days of Writing – Day 17: Favorite Protagonist

17. Favorite protagonist and why!

Tough question. Of major protagonists, I’d have to say Inspector Gaent.

The last Twitter urban fantasy chat (#UFChat) was about male heroes and, in particular, "alpha" males. Alpha males were roughly described as buff, uber-competent leaders who are generally pretty arrogant, but of course, have a nurturing side. I would say that these alpha men are pretty much female fantasies.

Paulos Gaent is not one of these men. Gaent is on the average side in all ways. He’s fit, but not muscle-bound. He’s balding. Within his culture, he’s on the educated side of mediocre. He’s curious about the world he lives in, but not necessarily knowledgeable. He’s traveled some. He is a detective and pretty good at his job, but he is not the wunderkind of the department. When he does his job, his job is what he focuses on. He often puts his foot in his mouth when it comes to the feelings of other. Again, like Balito and Dino, Gaent is a bit put-upon; a little behind the ball socially. That is a quality that I share with those characters. The one thing that is fairly outstanding in Gaent is that he values the point of view of Teria, his partner, even though (or especially because) she sees things in a different way.

To some degree, Gaent-and-Teria is my favorite protagonist because they are two sides of a coin and are meant to complement each other.