30 Days of Writing: Day 18 (& Life)

18. Favorite antagonist and why!

Alcander of Model Species. The tricky thing here is that I can’t really get into why I like Alcander without being spoilery. Alcander is smart. He acts deliberately in his own best interest. He is not a mustache-twisting black-hat-wearing baddie. There are shades of gray to what he does. And…yeah, I really don’t want to say much more. Eric has written some of his back story and I get to have more fun with him one of these days in Fuel Eaters.


Last Friday, my grandma went back into the hospital. She was having trouble breathing and had swelling in her feet. By chance, I’ve been in Nebraska since Friday. She’s back out again and doing okay with O2 at home. So, this trip has been somewhat disjointed. It doesn’t help that my joints have been pretty lousy the last couple days. But, what are you going do?

2 thoughts on “30 Days of Writing: Day 18 (& Life)

  1. Anonymous

    I hope you feel better…

    I’m glad your grandmother is doing well on oxygen.

    My favorite evil character is Lestat from the Vampire Chronicles of Anne Rice. He revels in being what he is.

    ~Catherine Russell aka ganymeder

    1. Katherine Nabity Post author

      Re: I hope you feel better…

      Aw, thank you. My grandma is *so* happy to be back home. And I’m doing much better.

      Lestat is pretty good, just not my writing style. 😉


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