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30 Days of Writing: Day 19 – Minor to Major

19. Favorite minor that decided to shove himself into the spotlight and why!

None really come to mind. Two reasons for that:

First, I know many writers talk of characters getting out of hand. This doesn’t happen to me. Occasionally, something I have a character do doesn’t ring true, and that’s probably because what I’ve done is somehow wrong in terms of the plot (or I didn’t know what the character needed to do in terms of plot). When the plot is straightened out, the characters act right because they are my tools for driving the plot.

Second, I have a bad memory with respect to process. If a minor character became major, I’ve overwritten the fact that they were ever minor. It’s the same as when I’m revising. The previous version of the story becomes overwritten, though often not perfectly. (Eric would argue that I have a bad memory in all things.  He has probably come up with five good examples of minor characters that be came major in the minute and half it took to read this.)