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30 Days of Writing: Day #24 – Murder!

24. How willing are you to kill your characters if the plot so demands it? What’s the most interesting way you’ve killed someone?

Very willing. This shouldn’t be a surprise considering my philosophy about characters being the drivers of plot. Death makes good drama. Would Hamlet be as good if it didn’t end the way it does? Or Se7en? Sometimes an author has to show that he/she means business, that no one is safe. I have to give Joss Wheadon that; killing off a good-guy in the ninth episode of a series is gutsy.  (I’m talking Angel here. Usually Wheadon saves death for the end of the series.) That doesn’t mean I don’t get a little misty-eyed when it has to be done. Writing is playing god. Shouldn’t a god be a sad when she has to destroy a creation, even if it’s for the the good of the story?

I’ve done some interesting deaths, but telling about them is pretty spoilery. Then again, one of my favorite deaths is in Lucinda at the Window and it’s available for download: Chapter 1 (pdf).


No usual piece of #FridayFlash or Luck for Hire this week, but I do have a short, very non-canon Luck piece up at 52|250. I wrote it in the plane last week. Otherwise, I’m working slowly on Luck. Summer is over. I need to start kicking some literary butt.

During the past week I’ve done a minor survey of urban fantasy. I’ll admit it, and this opinion may not make me popular: this isn’t a genre I particularly care to read. At least not in it’s paranormal kick-ass chick incarnation. It’s just…not my thing. Of course, this once again makes me wonder about my relationship with works authored by women (since six of the eight books I looked at were by women). Only three of the 20+ books I’ve read this year are by women. Surely, there have to be books by women that I’d like.  linked to two 2011 books clubs with female authors. Maybe I should give them a try.