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2010 Third Quarter Summary ( #amwriting )

First Quarter Summary
Second Quarter Summary

Model Species
Eric took a look at the query letter I had been sending out and significantly rewrote it. We floated it past our friend JT, who gave it an a-okay. Eric and I also decided that I should be more aggressive with my querying. I decided at the beginning of September to send out two queries every Tuesday. Two per week seems to be what I can handle and still stay sane, but I might attempt #10bythen in October. Thirteen rejections so far this year; currently out to ten other agents.

Pas de Chat
Still being posted every Sunday and pimped every Tuesday. I seem to have about 40-45 readers. At some point, I’ll probably clean her up and post her as a PDF, either for free or for a very small bit of money.

Divine Fire and Zeta Iota
Both have been put aside for the moment.

Luck for Hire
I have 10K done on this project. Should be more. We decided to go public with the process and I post pieces of Luck for Hire as I go. There’s been a few mis-steps that have made the website as well as some posts about how Eric and I work. The writing has been slow. Since Luck is contemporarily set, I tend to second guess how things work "in the real world." I probably relied too much on "TV world" when writing Pas de Chat.


  • "Breakfast in the Garden" is set to be published in the January 2011 issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly.
  • My flash story "Consequences" written for 52|250 was included in the editor’s quarterly magazine, thirteen.
  • Luck for Hire posts have been doing #FridayFlash duty. Otherwise, I spruced up two old pieces for fill-in and wrote three new pieces for 52|250.

Between writing about process for Luck for Hire and the 30 Days of Writing meme, I’ve been writing more about writing. Good thing? Bad thing? I don’t know. I’ve been enjoying writing more, but I’ve found it hard to get into a good working groove.

Increase pace on Luck for Hire. I’m shooting for 10K in October. Might do faux NaNoWriMo to make a push to finish a first draft in November. I need to bump things to Eric more often. Otherwise, keep doing what I’m doing. Submit Model Species. Maybe do some posts this month for Book or Treat blog party. More 52|250 entries.