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As in ultimate frisbee, so in writing.

My conundrum is that I seem to be able to handle writing or the rest of life. It is something that I need to accept and not worry about "solving."

The current Luck for Hire plan is that Eric and I will talk on Wednesday and Friday. Meaning, I need to produce something to be read Wednesday and Friday, bolstered by our talks. It’s a good plan. I added about 2K to the manuscript, written pretty much on Monday, Thursday and Friday. Since I cannot manage both writing and life, Tuesday was spent catching up and submitting/querying.

Thursday night, my league team faced its first big test: a game against the #2 Tuesday team. It was a rough game. We let up in the middle and they happily took advantage. It got pretty chippy at the end, as close games do. We won 16-14 without two of our "relief valve" guys and our strongest female player. Which meant that most of the evening I was up against Rue the Day’s top woman, a girl who is over ten years my junior, most recently played for Notre Dame, and was the overall first female pick this season. (In contrast, I "picked" myself 29th.) A little intimidating, but a reminder of something very important. When I didn’t make the effort to get open, I didn’t. Obviously.  There was no outcome when I didn’t try. When I did make the effort, sometimes I got open and got the disc, and sometimes Jenna was right on me. But the possibility of a good outcome was better than no outcome at all.

As in ultimate frisbee, so in writing. When I don’t write the scene, there is *no* outcome. When I do, maybe it’s a good scene or maybe it’s crap that will need to be improved. When I don’t submit the query letter, there is *no* outcome. When I do, maybe it’s a yes or maybe it’s another rejection. You don’t win if you don’t play, as they say. You don’t get the disc if you don’t cut. You don’t get published if you don’t write.