Daily Archives: October 13, 2010

Book #23 & Other Detritus

I really did intend to post earlier in the week. I was faced with a big block of yellow highlighted text that needed rewriting; a chunk of technobabble that I needed to reinterpret after Eric explained what should be said. Since the deadline was this evening I didn’t do much writing on it until today. If I learned one thing in college, it was how to properly procrastinate. Of course, it didn’t really seem right to write on Monday if I wasn’t doing work. And Tuesday was mostly lost to an earache.

Played ultimate Monday night at Intel and today at Freescale. Other than the ear problem, I’ve felt pretty good. I even played today without any knee strap…now that I purchased a second one.

Reading lately:

Book #23: Beware! by Richard Laymon
Ah, the sex and violence of a Laymon book. If I have a guilty pleasure, Richard Laymon books are it. Though, even decadence sometimes grows tiring. The one thing that Laymon does very well is make every chapter significant. There is no chapter, however short, that doesn’t have *action*. The situation constantly changes for the characters and that’s impressive. Something I can certainly learn from.

In absolute contrast to the nekkid women of the Laymon book, I’ve added 365 Days of Women Writers  to my aggregator. I am, of course, behind. I’ve read "Birdsong," "The Last Thing We Need," and "Bloodlines." I’m more interested in speculative fiction, so only "Bloodlines" has met that criteria. "The Last Thing We Need" was interesting due a male narrator. All three are first person. All do seem particularly female to me.

Currently reading Haunted by Joyce Carol Oates.