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Food Adventure: Beaver Choice Scandinavian Bistro

I went to the strip mall at Broadway and McClintock yesterday to gather materials for the VOTS Hallowe’en costume contest next week and noticed that the Scandinavian restaurant with the odd name of Beaver Choice was open. I saw it earlier in the year and couldn’t decide if it was on its way in or out.  Guess it was in. After a google search and a look at their menu, Eric and I decided to give them a try. They seem to be a collection of northeastern/central European food, including things like meatballs, schnitzel, and pirogi and lots of fish sandwiches. (I am slightly surprised that their wraps aren’t made with lefse…)

Eric, an aficionado of such, decided to try their shrimp salad sandwich. I went for the tunbrödsrulle, a wrap containing a wiener, mashed potatoes, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, red onion and (presumably) hovmästar dressing. We also ordered a side of fries. When we returned home, we discovered we only had one sandwich, my wrap. Eric quickly headed back to remedy the situation while I took a closer look at my lunch…and discovered where the communication mishap occurred: my wrap can be ordered with shrimp salad on it and *did* have shrimp salad on it. I am not a fan of shrimp. I started to scrape off the offending salad, but figured I’d give it a taste. And it was pretty good. Now, I’m not saying that I’ll be ordering a shrimp salad sandwich, but as a sort of condiment it worked well. It’s composed of a dill mayo and cut up mini-shrimp. The rest of my wrap’s ingredients were also pretty tasty, though the dressing that usually comes on it was a little sweet. I also removed some of my mashed potatoes. It made for a hearty lunch.

Eric really enjoyed his shrimp salad sandwich. I believe "best" was uttered by him. Though a little small, it was served on what sounded like a crusty roll with fresh veggies. Their fries were mediocre, and we figure that if we do sandwiches again (which we will, they’re fairly reasonably priced), we’ll probably get three and split one.

Due to the mix-up and the trouble, the very friendly proprietors of Beaver Choice sent Eric home with a desert as well. The Beaver Supreme is layers of chocolate meringue, whipped cream (real whipped cream, not whipped topping), walnuts and mandarin oranges. My opinion was that is wasn’t very sweet. Eric’s opinion was that it was too sweet. But in general, it wasnice and the best use of walnuts ever.

Overall, we’ll be eating there again. Their food is of very good quality and delicious.


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