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Waiting to Feel Poorly

It’s 7pm on Wednesday evening and I’m waiting to feel poorly.

We won our game last night using a trap zone variant suggested by Cole. I’m not sure our technique improved over the course of the game, but overall it was good enough. I played cup the whole time except for one point. And by the end, I wasn’t much more tired than usual. I don’t know whether that says something about my fitness level or my lack of intensity last night, but I will reiterate that we won with only six players on the field. My offense was okay. Didn’t really get open during man-to-man coverage. Handled in zone a few times, including once on the backhand side. Kuby bailed me out on an overly long swing. Likewise, Al bailed me out when I ended up in a trap situation (not during zone) that made me feel like an utter newbie.

Played pickup today at noon. My legs were stiff and I was possibly slower than usual, but I still felt pretty good. By now, though, my doses of Aleve should be wearing off.

In the land of writing, Eric and I are still feeling our way through the intricacies of Luck for Hire‘s plot. The way we go about plotting might seem screwy to some…uh…everyone. It involves a skeleton of interactions that gets fleshed out and then modified as more of the plot is decided on. Or something like that. It’s pretty much what happens when a hierarchical thinker (Eric) works out something linear. There is an aspect of mutability to our stories as we work them out.

On Sunday-ish, Eric decided a few pieces of behind the scenes plot. Today, we talked and it was decided that a good deal would have to be dumped or rewritten. And this doesn’t devastate me as it might have in the past. Maybe I’ve come to peace with our process. Or maybe I’m just lacking writing intensity too.