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Read Lately:

I missed this fall’s 24 Hour Read-a-thon. I’d like to take a day one of these weekends, call it a reading day, and whittle down my to-be-read pile, but that’s probably not going to happen.

Read lately:

I managed my way through three stories from Joyce Carol Oates’ Haunted. Just wasn’t getting into the swing of these stories. The main characters and the story-telling style were a bit tedious to me. It could be my mood. I’m impatient lately.

Read "Banshee" by Ray Bradbury. I have a thick Bradbury anthology and I wish they would have sorted them by genre.

Read the opening story of Murder on the Ropes, a boxing mystery anthology. "Sunlight Shining on Water" by Doug Allyn was light on the murder, light on mystery actually, but heavy on crime elements. By far the most straight-forward story I’ve read lately. This isn’t a bad thing…

The December issue of Realms of Fantasy is available as a free download. Read "Queen of the Kanguellas" by Scott Dalrymple. Will probably read the rest of the issue soon.

Also read "Clockwork Fairies" by Cat Rambo. The blogger at 365 Days of Women Writers (should that be Woman writers?) didn’t care for it. I was okay with okay with stodgy Claude, a man of his time. He’s a good backdrop for the fantastic elements of the story.