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14-1, 0-19

League finals was yesterday. Huck Discs & Chew Bubble Gum made it to finals, but lost to Good Huck Charm, our Tuesday night counterpart. We played four games; I believe all of them went past soft cap. Which means we played from 12:15 to 7:30-ish with a few short breaks. The guys had only three subs, way too few. Us girls fared better, averaging a two in/two out rotation. By the fourth game we were all pretty beat, endurance-wise.

On the plus side, I got to play the most games possible with a team that I very much enjoyed. A 14-1 record is nothing to sneeze at. It’s certainly the best record of any team I’ve been on, much less captained. On the other hand, this is my nineteenth league and I still haven’t been on a championship team. You’d think that even statistically, out of a sixteen team league, I would have made it once so far. Not so much.

Today, Eric and I have been hobbling around with terribly sore muscles, and napping, and eating salty foods with our ibuprofen doses. In a little over a month, I’ll be setting up registration for league #20.