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A Better Monday than Usual

Feeling okay with the world today. After all, it *was* a good league and really the bad part is that it’s over. Had a nice dinner with some of my teammates on Friday night too.

I’m feeling better physically too, but that isn’t saying much. I took a walk to the post office this afternoon and since I only felt some tightness in my right hamstring, I decided to finally check out Bookmaze. I picked up a flier from them at the last writing-ish convention I went to, probably WesterCon a few years back. Yes, there’s a bookstore less than a mile from my apartment and it’s taken me several years to check it out. What has been wrong with me?! It’s an okay little place. I browsed through the hardbacks and picked up an anthology of Asimov mysteries and Thomas Tryon’s Harvest Home. It was past lunch time, so I saved their paperback section for later. When I got home, I was still not writhing in pain and I walked to Guerrero’s with Eric to pick up lunch. And that was probably where I over-did it. My right hip is now pretty achy when it wasn’t before. I haven’t decided whether I want to go for a run tomorrow.

I’ve cut 8K from Model Species and am not quite 2/3 done. I’m lazy and easily distracted.