Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter

Galaxy in Flames by Ben Counter

This is the last of a beginning trilogy, although I think the series has expanded well past original expectations. Horus Rising and False Gods set the ground work for the Horus Heresy, and Galaxy in Flames extends into the first battles of it. To be spoilery, there are quite a few deaths. To Ben Counter’s credit (as well as Dan Abnett’s and Graham McNeill’s) I cared about these deaths *and* I care about this world. Which leaves me conflicted about the next book. How can we go on without these characters (and I truly hope there are no thought-he-was-dead-but-he’s-not shenanigans)? And yet, how’s this going to turn out for the world at large?

This series continues to impress me. My only criticism is that occasionally, the descriptions of battles and armor go on a little too long. Even still there are quite a few very good passages that I can learn from.

Other Notes:


Pg. 293: Combat scene

  • Outside POV, battle being watched.
  • Long-ish sentences. The first four paragraphs set up the combatants, but does rely on details we already know about them.
  • A pause about midway to briefly summarize the relative merits of each. 38 words.
  • Entire thing is 2.75 pages.

Tarik Torgaddon. This character is the occasional humor. Occasional humor is always needed.


Honestly, skimming some of these battle scenes.

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