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Hippo, Birdie, Two Ewes

Yeah, kinda fell off the Reverb10 wagon. I can only be more introspective than usual for so long.

Spent the first day of year 37 goofing off in a pretty random manner. I did some reading, played some EverQuest2, listened to many cover songs, had my first Polish sandwich from Der Wienerschnitzel (which does not carry schnitzel, Viennese-style or otherwise), watched Kick-Ass (good, though sort of disconcerting), and chatted/texted with just about everyone I know. (Okay, didn’t really text anyone. I responded via comments. Is "texted" even a word? These kids with their new-fangled lingo…) A generally good day, even if my body is achy.

And now for the ever-popular (with me) "Year in Review" LiveJournal meme: Copy and paste the first sentence of the first entry of each month for this year to create your year in review post:

I’m not much of a New Year resolution person. I managed to post every other day in January, even when (for better or worse) I had little to say. As is tradition when I’m in Omaha, Tess and I went to a movie. Zeta Iota might be the most difficult project we’ve ever undertaken. I love word counts. I’ve been totally wiped out the last couple of days. The sore throat, ever so slight, started around the 20th of June. Nathan Bradford had a post on Tuesday about the The One Question Writers Should Never Ask Themselves When Reading. I sometimes listen to music; I sometimes put on movies or television shows. I didn’t bump anything to Eric in time for new Luck flash. No NaNoWriMo for me. Yesterday, Lifehacker presented Five Commonly Repeated Words to Hunt Down in Your Writing.