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Negative Fractional Giraffes and the Rest of my 2010 Task List

This is what I want to do with the rest of the year:

Write two 52|250 pieces. Keith sent me a link to a The Atlantic article about EtherPad, a word processor that will record work in real time. And then play it back! If I write with it, you will be able to see every finger fumble and questionable phrase. I mean, the ones I do catch before publication.

Finish reading Returning My Sister’s Face by  and Staying Sane in the Arts by Eric Maisel. Thus, finishing 30 books in 2010.

Watch both seasons of Intelligence. Eric does go on about TV shows he likes. He found this one on Netflix Instant and thinks highly of it.

Learn some linear algebra. This started with a conversation between Eric and I about Flixster’s compatibility test and how ratings are weighted and compared between two people. Eric started working on a matrix which lead me to a "dude, show me" moment. He jauntily passed me his old linear algebra textbook.  I’ve learned about Gaussian elimination and Gauss-Jordan elimination and done enough problems to dream about it. Except, in my dreams, I’m trying to do Gauss-Jordan eliminations with words and objects. Negative fractional giraffes are a pain in arse.

Run 4.5 miles. To make an even 100 miles for the year. Which is up from last year, but less than half of what I ran in 2008.

Finish updating social networks/webpages. I am all over the place…

Have a good long talk with Eric about Luck for Hire in anticipation of RoW80. The other night at dinner Tyler asked if I had a writing challenge or some such planned and RoW80 completely slipped my mind. I’m not sure whether that was because I hadn’t talked to Eric about it (thus making it more "real") or if I didn’t consider it a "challenge." To me, it’s meant to be an aggressive though sensible plan, not NaNoWriMo insane.

Thing I want to do in 2011: play in a beach ultimate tournament. I haven’t. I want to. Preferably with the funnest group of players possible because my body will probably pay for it later.