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Official RoW80 Post

This is my official A Round of Words in 80 Days  goal for the first round, January 3 – March 24, 2011:

Add 50K words to Luck for Hire.

My plan is to write:

  • at least 10K by Jan. 14th
  • another 10K by Jan. 28th
  • another 10K by Feb. 11th
  • another 10K by Feb. 25th
  • a final 10K by Mar. 11th

The 10K goals reset at the beginning of each period. Thus, if I write 12K during the first period, I will still be required to write 10K (not 8K) during the second period. Likewise, if I only write 8K in the first period, I will be required to write only a minimum of 10K (not 12K) during the second period. Any shortfall of 50K  words by March 11th will be made up after that date **until finished** (including, if needed, the official break between round one and two).

I intend to take weekends and the period from March 11th to March 24th off (or use them to catchup on other work*). I’d like to keep rewriting to a minimum and pretty much finish a first draft of Luck for Hire by March 24th. Consequences for not meeting these goals will be determined, but will possibly include extensive castigation, loss of "vacation" time, and the removal of my work computer from the household network.

*During the period, I intend to continue submitting Model Species to agents, writing a piece for 52|250 every week, and continue posting Pas de Chat.


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Peter S. Beagle newsletter story

“Being an Entirely True Account…” by Peter S. Beagle

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This is a shortย  short story, a nod to Avram Davidson, that will be included with a Davidson hardback as a fund-raiser for The Other Change of Hobbit.

The eminent researcher, A.D. seeks out a manticore and interviews it. (There aren’t enough manticore stories…)

Interesting that the mantichora are described as a wandering and persecuted population, but this one is found in Argentina. Ah. There are yeti, who attack mantichora on sight. Allegory complete.