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2011: Off to a Decent Start

Happy New Year! Or rather:

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic

Mildly productive yesterday. Read through Luck for Hire, had a talk with Eric about it and process. We had a bit of a knock down drag out, but that’s how it goes. Wrote a short piece for 52|250. Ready-ish for RoW80 to start tomorrow.

Received my PDF of the January issue of Bards and Sages Quarterly. And it is on sale via the website. My story "Breakfast in the Garden" is included. If you’ve read "Matthew Says There was an Earthquake," this story is the "garden incident" that Harold is referring to.


I suppose it’s time to clear off my note board. It’s so full of 2010: Bright orange paper flowers and rubber band bracelets from Hailey and Hannah. A guitar pick and part of an eyeglass chain from my trips to Omaha. The name tag from the water bottles Kaysi made for the Phxie Chicks, all spangles and purple and pink. A string of shamrock beads and a picture commemorating spring and fall leagues. My Skirt Chaser 5K number (661), that also served to remind me of strength and sunny, warm Phoenix while I was in Omaha. Mementos from parties and dinners with friends including a bottle cap from Bard’s Beer with "Does reading messages on bottle caps make you literate?" written on the inside. Movie tickets: Legion, Shutter Island, Iron Man 2, Inception. A card from my favorite new restaurant of the year: Beaver Choice. Mock up book covers for everything I’ve worked on last year, though I think I want something new for Luck for Hire. Many of those will stay up, as well as a small print out of ‘s illustration of Paul. 2010 was a pretty good year, all in all. Hope I can survive 2011.