Daily Archives: January 4, 2011

Every Day is a Month When You’re Busy

Cadbury Christmas "Cadberries" (and their Easter brethren) can no longer come into the apartment. They join a rather short list of things that I will eat compulsively if I have access to them, "diet" be damned.

The first day of RoW80 went off well enough, I suppose. I ended up deleting part of a scene and rewriting it. In all, I wrote 1200 words. Looking at the bumped-back document, Eric doesn’t say anything critical about the new stuff. We’ll talk later, I’m sure.

Today is Tuesday. #2QueryTuesday to be exact. Yay! Or something like that. Time to get Model Species out the door again.

Speaking of Tuesdays, chapter 29 of Pas de Chat is available in all its #TuesdaySerial glory.

Strangely, 2011 already feels like it’s months old. Good thing that it’s not. My Christmas tree is still up, which isn’t too unrespectable for the fourth, but would be a problem if it were April. Also, I haven’t heard anything about Spring League yet, which worries me slightly. But that’s how every league seems to go. Like the theater (and most things), it generally turns out well in the end whether pushed or not.