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RoW80 – 1st Check In

My goal is essentially 1000 new words every business day for Luck for Hire.

Monday: Chopped 587 words and rewrote that scene. Wrote 1,277 new words.
Tuesday: Wrote 1,113 new words.
Current manuscript word count: 12,876

Eric and I have talked every day. This book is very much in the evolution stage. My progress is pushing Eric to nail down the plot. We made a fairly large change before I put the manuscript aside in October and we’re still assimilating that. There is at least one scene that needs revision.

In the realm of balancing other stuff:
I did a bit of agent/publisher research yesterday and I sent Model Species to two agents. I have my 52|250 story written…in my head. The tree is still up, I need to write Thank You notes and pay bills, some of the apartment is a mess, but clothes are clean, a couple dinners are planned, I’m where I want to be reading-wise, and I’ve gotten some exercise. Upcoming complicating factors: set up for spring league. Once I have the details, I need to be quick about opening registration.