Daily Archives: January 9, 2011

RoW80 – January 9th Check In

It’s been quite the week.

Wednesday: I deleted 221 words and added 1035.

Thursday: Added 592. Eric and I had one of those conversations that are magic. Okay, since I’m not much of a talker, it was Eric-sided conversation magic. He was at the "what should Aleister do next" point and suggested that we should see some tangential event, some thing that happens often to Aleister, like him saving a random damsel from a mugging. I turned my lip up at adding such a non-plot event, even if it did say something about Aleister’s life. Luckily (heh), Eric continued to riff on the idea and it became the "Business as Usual" excerpt that I posted for #FridayFlash. It’s pretty integral to the next bit of plot.

I was hesitant about the next part and distracted by league prep. But it was Thursday. I had written 4000 words for the week and was not worried.

Friday: My main work computer, an eMachine, has been wheezing for about two years. eMachines used to have power supply problems and, for the last two summers, we expected that computer to bite the dust. It’s a six year old computer. Increasingly, it and the internet didn’t get along. Last week, it had some sort of problem finding D:\\. This week, it was slow and glitchy. And then on Friday night it ate the 350 words I had labored over. I have a healthy Ctrl-S habit, so it’s hard to believe that I never saved all evening. The document time stamp said it was last modified right before the crash. But none of my work was in evidence when I logged back in. Plus, Friday had a good portion of league drama. 0 words added.

Saturday: Spent most of the afternoon migrating to a computer in the backroom, Eric’s workspace. This will be my box from here on out, so I spent some time settling in. I started rewriting the bit that I lost and discovered that it was pretty boring. I ended up deleting 400 words that I had just written and starting over. Again. Take three on this cursed scene. I ended up adding 1100 new words. Still not happy with the scene. I’ll have to talk to Eric later today.

Current manuscript word count: 15,009

Other: Drafted my 52|250 story this morning. I need to finish it up. Behind on reading. The tree still up and is now imbued with a Schroedinger quality since I am working in the back room and can’t see it. Does a Christmas tree in February exist if it is not observed? In regards to league prep interfering, "writing first" needs to be my mantra. Actually, the mantra needs to be "Luck first." 52|250 and short stories are okay, but they’re not a novel. And I need to start writing earlier in the day instead of starting at 8pm. Even if I only get a couple hundred before noon, that takes pressure off of what’s later.