Daily Archives: January 12, 2011

RoW80 – January 12th Check In

So, last Friday, I started writing a scene (let’s call it "NY B&E") and my computer ate 300 words of it.

On Saturday I rewrote and added to NY B&E and hit my hard goal for the week. (More about hard and soft goals in a moment.) As a scene, NY B&E was about half finished. I needed to talk to Eric about details.

I got up Monday morning and banged out 300 words on a fun conversation scene that comes *after* NY B&E. Eric and I talked. Details were worked out and then I reread NY B&E. And disliked it. It was a boring scene the way I had written it. So I cut 725 words and started over…again. Wrote 782 total new words on Monday.

Had my work cut out for me Tuesday. I needed to finish NY B&E, an action scene, and I was behind on my word count. I turned off the social networks, despite it being #TuesdaySerial. I ignored the VOTS emails, even though it would take just a few minutes to answer just a few emails. I ignored the huge mess I had made on Monday when I started pulling the Christmas tree apart. I even ignored #2QueryTuesday. Action scenes are hard for me and I had to keep at it all day. I’m not virtuous; 1384 words isn’t a great count for being at the computer as long as I was. NY B&E is much better scene now but its still not quite there.

No progress yet today. Took care of VOTS stuff, packed up the tree, played some ultimate frisbee, talked to Eric about the next scene. Feeling okay about life.

Now, my goals. My original goal (which will now be referred to as the soft goal) was to add 50K words to the Luck for Hire manuscript. This is going to be a tough goal to reach. Writing a 1000 words a day isn’t *too* difficult, but when rewrites occur getting to a manuscript positive 1000 words a day isn’t easy (for me). Eric has made it clear that, thus far, he’s happy with progress; that writing 5000 new words a week is getting it done. So, that’s going to continue to be the hard goal: 10K of new words every two weeks. But I still want Luck for Hire to be at 61K by March 24th.