RoW80 – January 16th Check In

Plugging along.

Started new scenes Wednesday and Thursday.

Wednesday: 1071
Thursday: 1004
Friday: 433 new words, cut 381
Catch-up Saturday: 508

For my first two weeks, I wrote 10,324 words; added 8005 to the manuscript. Luck for Hire is at 19,078 words.

Didn’t get done this week: writing flash or sending out submissions. I’ve also been pretty hermit-y since Tuesday.

I did get the Christmas tree down and mucked out the apartment. I’m nearly moved in on the "new" computer.

Also, LJ and the blog hop code do not get along. Click here to return to Mr. Linky.

6 thoughts on “RoW80 – January 16th Check In

  1. Anonymous

    Great job this week! Yes, congrats on getting the x-mas tree down and your home cleaned. I really need to get to the whole clean the house thing at some point…

  2. Anonymous

    I understand hermit-y…we had snow (unusual here), and then it was just easier not to deal with people, lol… Sounds like a productive week, though! 🙂

  3. Anonymous

    To me, those total word counts are staggering numbers – sounds like far more than ‘plugging along.’ And yes, moving into a new computer takes temporal time and even more mind time.


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