Daily Archives: January 19, 2011

RoW80 – January 19th Check In

I thought yesterday was the 19th. I am continually amazed that it isn’t March already. That seems to be my general mind-set lately.

Luck for Hire is going well. Eric had some great scene ideas Sunday night. I blew through Monday, writing 1188 and getting caught up on my Model Species submissions. Tuesday wasn’t quite as easy. I wrote 954 by midnight. Today, nothing yet. Wednesday days are activity heavy. Eric and I talked through several scenes. We’re still working out some plot aspects, but this is our process, more or less.

So, a couple of thousand words progress with no cutting. Nice! It won’t last.

This week has been much more low-key. Fewer hormones and computer disasters. League stuff got in the way yesterday. Men’s registration filled and needed to be closed. Now, things are mostly back on auto-pilot.

A note on goals: I don’t mind the trudge. Sub-goals are nice, they give a boost, but I’m in it for the long game. Well, as long as I can stop and do something a little different in three months. Which, with RoW80, I can. To me, "plugging along" means I’ve got a pace going, I’m making incremental progress, and I’m good. Merit Badger’s progress badge is a snail. And that works for me. Most of the time.