Daily Archives: January 23, 2011

RoW30 – January 23rd Check In

After such a good Monday, the rest of the week was a struggle.

Wednesday: 507, cut 76
Thursday: 1164
Friday: 0
Saturday: 1104, cut 430

I semi-purposefully took Friday off even though I was behind where I wanted to be. I needed a day to mull on the lasted plot bits, and Chris was in town and wanting to game. I ended yesterday having written 4917 words, 4411 of them new. Luck for Hire is currently just shy of 23.5K words. Spent some time yesterday cleaning up a few things.

Next weekend is New Year Fest. Friday morning, Saturday, and some of Sunday are pretty much spoken for. Since I’ll be doing working Frisbee Central, I might take a notebook with me if I have to and work when there’s nothing better going on. My intention, though, is to have my 10K words (this two-week’s sub goal) written by end of day Friday. If I succeed, I’m going to treat myself to the Skirt Chaser race coming up in February (my soft goal/reward: if I manage to add 20K to the manuscript by Sunday night, I’ll buy the entry package that includes the skirt! I’m 7600 words from that–barring no other cuts. Probably not gonna happen, but that is a great skirt.)

Didn’t get any other writing done this week. Very little reading done either. Today, I plan on some reading, maybe a little gaming, *maybe* some writing after Eric and I talk.