Daily Archives: January 30, 2011

RoW80 – January 30th Check In

The numbers:

Wednesday: 685
Thursday: 1196
Friday: 960
No cuts.

I made my second sub-goal (10K every fortnight), and rewarded myself with Skirt Chaser. That’s 20,324 written for RoW80 and 17,499 added to the manuscript. (Dang it, I should have written one more word! Alas, I finished up writing at 1am-ish on Saturday morning. I was tired.) I know that I’ve made the two-subgoals, but I’m really digging the "start-over" aspect of my plan. It’s nice to have the opportunity, every two weeks, to have my sins forgiven and start over. Or alternately, to pat myself on the back and then sit down to do it again.

And I might need the forgiveness after this next fortnight. Or, at least need the full two weeks to get everything done.  My calendar looked so quiet a couple weeks ago and now there’s league on Thursday, a birthday dinner for a friend on Friday *and* Chris in town. Although now that Chris has taken to playing Star Wars Galaxies, we haven’t actually "seen" him lately. Spent the weekend helping out at New Year Fest. I coned fields, sold discs and shirts, watch a couple frisbee games, and generally held down the Frisbee Central fort. Life, in this manner, is good.

Writing-wise, the novel is in its gangly middle phase. 25K-50K are a rough bunch of words. It’s the crunchy bit between the beginning and the end. The rest of RoW80 is going to be a pitched battle.