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RoW80 – February 2nd Check In

Busy week, lots going on.

Kicked some arse Monday writing 1517 words in about a 3 hours span. This is what I can do if I’m in a good groove. Tuesday, no groove: 662 words. Nothing today yet.

Received two Model Species rejections yesterday. (These are certainly not the first and probably won’t be the last.) The one that arrived in the evening noted that Model Species had some good ideas, but it was the writing that wasn’t up to par. Which is not something that the writer half of a collaboration team (me) likes to hear.

And honestly, I’m not really in the mood to write (though I’ll probably bang out a couple hundred words before tonight’s festivities), or hear about writing, or talk about writing. So, I’m going to go take a shower (my fortune cookie said some good things about showers and ideas). When I get back, maybe I’ll write, maybe I won’t. #RoW80 community, I’ll see you tomorrow.