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RoW80 – February 9th Check In

As Eric and I were taking a walk on Monday evening, I noted that if I were to write 1560 words every day, Monday-Friday, I’d be back on track after writing only 2200 total last week. "You can do that," said Eric. "That’s like a mini-NaNoWriMo." I agreed. Those numbers are doable. "What do you want for your carrot?" he asked. We decided on dinner at Beaver Choice. I spent half a block swooning over the thought of chicken schnitzel. And then came the stick plan. If we didn’t have a good dinner, we’d have a bad dinner. Both of us. Cheap bologna on cheap white bread. Possibly with a side of plain label mac & cheese. Between the carrot and the stick, I’m not sure which is more motivating.

Word counts:
Monday: 1572
Tuesday: 1651

Nothing yet for Wednesday. It’s going to be a long night. We had a good chat this afternoon and I know which scenes I’m writing next. This novel is winding down a bit. It’s short. It’s messy. The next fortnight might be used to reorganize and clean-up as well as add words.