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RoW80 – Februray 16th Check In

Spent Monday and Tuesday doing a read-/skim-through of Luck for Hire. Filled out a chonology spreadsheet with chapters, POVs, and problems that need to be righted. Righted a few of those problems. And listed characters and places.  I really should have gone through my notes too, but I haven’t yet.

Today, Eric and I need to talk, figure out what events need to be juggled around, what needs to be emphasized in each chapter, what needs to be added. Right now, we’re at novella length with an "action" plot pretty well worked out. It may be the A plot, it may be the B plot. It may be the only plot. The process on this book has been different, so it’s harder for me to tell exactly what we have left. It might just be a matter of me being way too brief in my writing.

But, I feel much better about we we have done. I’ve felt like it was very loose, very disorganized, but it’s not as bad as I thought. I’m too close to this to make any other judgments.
(There’s an update to my update.)