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An Update to my Update

Eric and I had our talk about Luck for Hire. We looked at the retro-outline and juggled a few things, solidified some chronology, identified some weak spots. One of those weak spots is the lack of relationship between Luck and Dana. While giving that issue (and a couple others) some time to ferment, it was decided that my next step was to decide what each scene is meant to do in order to decide whether each scene *does* those things.

After the talk, we had dinner. I watched a basketball game and Eric watched some other TV. And then Eric started watching Inception. He hadn’t seen it until today and has stopped the movie numerous times to expound on different things. I’m not giving much a away when I say that Inception is a heist movie. It follows certain heist tropes: the initial job, assembling the team, and…the complication from the past.

Eric had the idea that Luck for Hire needed a complication from the past. I one-upped him and suggested that Dana and Aleister have a past. I’m a little excited about the prospect; Eric thinks it might work. "How much do you want it?" he asked. "What do you mean?" I asked, warily. Was I willing to write 4000 words by Monday to kick off the idea? Yes. Within a few minutes, I had made another devilish deal. Bologna might still be had. Or I might burn-out spectacularly.

And it will all be Inception‘s fault.