RoW80 – February 20th Check In

Been doing rewrites, so my word counts are fairly irrelevant. Wrote about 2000 words since Wednesday, but only added about 700 to the manuscript. I’ll talk to Eric later today about whether these changes have been good or good enough. We made several decisions to connect a few characters and I like these changes. The plan is to finish up this pass of rewrites on Monday and then start over with per scene detailing of priority events.


Felt terrible the last couple days. My elbows and knees, hands and feet have been very achy and I’m tired.


If I had a blogging platform, it would likely be based on really bad analogies and what lessons I keep learning over and over again. Ultimate frisbee continues to point out interesting behavioral things. For example: more chances for success translates to more likelihood of failure. I’ve been playing ulti for ten years now. My in-game throws are passable enough (no pun intended) that, in league, I get called as a handler. This isn’t a position that I’m comfortable with, but there it is. This means that I will touch the disc often and have more opportunities to cause a turnover. Sure, I have more opportunities for success too, but I remember the crappy shanked backhand, not the…uh…well, I’m sure I did something good. I guess the point is, you can’t get away with only ever being successful. The only way I could avoid screwing up on the ultimate field is to not play ultimate any more. The only way to avoid screwing  up as a writer is to not write. The only way to avoid failure is to not do anything. Which is a bigger, uglier failure because there’s no chance at success either.

6 thoughts on “RoW80 – February 20th Check In

  1. Anonymous

    yay for you for still pushing onward despite the difficulties. Failure can’t always be avoided and should be treated as part of the learning process. Best of luck with the rest of the editing.

  2. Anonymous

    I’d rather fail than never try, no question. Sorry about the aches and pains but well done on the progress, hope next goes well for you.

  3. sefuty


    quite write – better to fail than not to try and with every try it gets easier to succeed – well done on the editing – not easy when you don’t feel 100%

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry you’re not feeling well. 😦 Thanks for the analogy, I needed to hear it!
    Do you think the editing and your not feeling well could have something to do with one another? 🙂 Just kidding. Have a great week and feel better soon!


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