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RoW80 – February 23rd Check In

Finished my first pass of rewrites on Monday, writing a tad over 600 words. The manuscript is still not 40K words.

Yesterday and today, I took a look at the list of scenes and decided what each scene does, what each scene should do, and jotted down some thoughts on how to make up the difference. Eric and I will talk about all of this tomorrow and over the weekend around his homework and studying. In the meantime, I should write some faux news stories which are going to go between chapters.

Had a moment today when I marveled at how much rewriting I’ve done thus far. Eric’s been a little impatient with this project and is pushing me to get the editing done. This rewrite pass might have taken a month in the past instead of a week.

I’m also quite tired of this project. I really want a break. This is probably just general/hormonal malaise that will pass. This is the hard part of writing and I’m not allowed run away. Yet.

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2010 Nebulas (Stories #6-8)

2010 Nebula Short Story Nominations

I had already covered:

Arvies” by Adam-Troy Castro (Lightspeed Magazine 8/10) – I started reading this previously. I imagine that I didn’t finish because I have to be in the mood for science-philosophy. This is my pick to win.

The Green Book” by Amal El-Mohtar (Apex Magazine 11/1/10) – More fantasy than sci-fi. Lovely, but maybe lacking enough teeth.

Ghosts of New York” by Jennifer Pelland (Dark Faith) – This pushes all my buttons. My favorite of the bunch.

Conditional Love” by Felicity Shoulders (Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine 1/10) – Listened to it via Escape Pod. Not my preferred method of consuming fiction, but I’m glad I did. This is the most solid story of the bunch.