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RoW80 – March 2nd Check In

Not much progress to report.

Took the weekend off partly because Eric needed to study for a math test but mostly because I needed a break. Unfortunately, I haven’t quite come back from break…

On Monday, I did some mild research on journalistic form . Had a decent chat with Eric about scenes that need to be added in to the Las Vegas section of Luck for Hire. Wrote a little. Finished the new scene on Tuesday. Eric has pointed out a major flaw in it and a previous scene, so those are going to need to be fixed. Currently, the book is at 40K. 

I’ve been lazy with a dash of PMS meh. I moved the "new" computer to my office area. I love my desk.

Body is currently better. It felt so good to go out in the sun and play disc this noon-time. Betsy ran me hard and then we went to lunch. I know that if I get some writing done this evening, I can truly count this day as "good."