Daily Archives: March 7, 2011

Sunday Check In on Monday

Jeeze. Looking at my progress spreadsheet, I see that it’s been three weeks since I got anything of note done. At least word count wise. Yes, there has been a revision pass, but I’ve been really lazy. I deserve bologna sandwiches.

Yet, all hope is not lost.

With RoW80 ending on the 24th, I have 18 days to write roughly 15K words. That’s doable, but I’m going to have to get off my lazy ass and actually, you know, do it. (Also, I’m inclined to round to the 25th, which is a Friday, but we’ll see if I need to.) I’m behind schedule during this fortnight. I have ~7500 to write by Saturday/Sunday-ish. Again, doable. My carrot is the 24 hour read-a-thon on April 9th. It’s a juicy carrot.

My hormones can be pretty vicious in positive-emotion-zapping kind of way. Last week was rough. No passion and wanderlust do not make for many words of the page. In addition to not getting much done on Luck, I generally spaced a flash fiction contest I was intending to participate in. Bad timing. I feel like a flake for signing up and then bailing, but these things happen.

Eric and I babysat our two nieces over the weekend. My internet connection was intermittent, so I didn’t bother trying to post this yesterday. And being around a seven year-old and a ten year-old is exhausting. I’m not sure I could do motherhood. I crashed at 9pm last night after 24hrs with them. I’m also a little afraid that I’ve been invaded by little girl germs. We’ll see how long it takes my immune system to succumb.