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RoW80 – March 9th Check In

Didn’t I just leave this party? This is why updates are on Sunday and Wednesday and not Monday and Wednesday.

I really liked Dawn Montgomery’s RoW80 post this week. I’m a fan of sports analogies and to some degree football fits well when talking of goals. In football, the strategy of plays changes with the success or failure of each down. In goal setting, the same needs to be the case.

I added 2,500 between Monday and Tuesday. I have right around 12,000 left on my goal. My short-term goals were structured in a manner that gave me a lot of cushion. I’ve used most of my cushion. I have a manageable amount of words left. It’s kind of like the game is tied, it’s first and goal on the seven yard line, and Alex Henery is on my team. Unless I throw an interception, I’ll at least win by three. (Yeah, generally, I should be kept away from the analogies. Both mine and other people’s.)

Eric can be my whip-cracking slave-driver. The bad guy. Or the bad influence. Today, we’re shucking work for a little fun. My revised goal for this week is to get another 2000 and have 10K left going into the home stretch. (Or that equivalent in rewriting work.)