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RoW 80 – March 13th Check In

Added 2000 words since Wednesday. I have 9951 words left on my goal. The manuscript is at 45,366. In the homestretch! (Even though work on Luck for Hire is far from over.)

Kicking goals for the next RoW80. Spring semester finals week falls in the second round, which means I’m not going to have much Eric to fall back on. The tentative plan is to skip over to Divine Fire and give that manuscript the 10% cut as well as fill some of the holes. I also need to do a few things with regards to Lucinda at the Window. And maybe do a final clean up of Pas de Chat? Then back to work on Luck after Eric’s done with classes? I always have more goals than time.

Because  suggested it earlier in the week and every once in a while it’s a good way of taking stock, the first line meme: Post the first line (er, first few lines?) of works-in-progress. (presented here in order of seriousness)

Luck for Hire
Before Aleister Luck found himself at the offices of Devine, Chance & Merit, he stopped at a Circle K. He had a yen for a cup of coffee.

Divine Fire
Against the violet-black night sky, the buildings swayed and reeled. Decazzi willed them to stop, but it was no use. The stars wouldn’t stay still either.

More First Lines: