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#RoW80 – Words are not my friends.

Monday: 906 words
Tuesday: 1003 words
Wednesday: Nothing yet. I need to get 1000 in.

The manuscript is at 47,275. I have 8042 words left to my goal. Eric and I talked. We’re still filling in bits and pieces and the challenge will be finding another 6000-ish words to write. Of course, I said that a few weeks ago and we’re still writing.

Yesterday on Facebook I posted, “Words are not my friends.” This is not an unusual status update. Once last fall, JT noted that I had posted that status update a mere one month and one day apart. It’s something that gets posted when words just…fail…me. Can’t come up with the right one, can’t string more than to or three together. Some days are like that. Strangely, posting that helps. Because words really aren’t my friends. They are things that need to be manipulated. It’s lovely when they’re put together in a proper manner, but usually words are stubborn and obstinate. Not friendly at all. So, it’s better to treat words with the professional respect they deserve and go from there.

Last week of round one! Exciting, no?