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#RoW80 – End of Round 1

My original soft goal for Round 1 was to add 50K words to Luck of Hire. The hard goals were 10K words every fortnight, with minimal rewrites. The overall goal was to have a complete draft of Luck by the end.

I stuck to the 10K-a-fortnight for the first six week. Rewrites weren’t as minimal as I would have liked, but I’m not a fan of leaving too many broken things behind. Then I did a editing pass as Eric worked on outlining more scenes for me to write and doing some rewrites himself. During this part of the process (or thereabouts), we cemented a few relationship between the characters that made the story more interesting. I wrote the new scenes, did the rewrites. Rinse, repeat. My goal for this week was to do a quick four-day editing/note-taking pass before ending RoW80 Round 1 and putting the manuscript aside for a while. Alas*, in the first quarter of the manuscript I had a few questions that blew a couple scenes open. And then the obstinate five-year-old in me said, "No!" Not "no" to the additional scenes and rewriting, but to the pressure and the deadline. And I caved. So, I won’t be taking a break; I’ll be taking a deep breath and working through the break to get this stuff done.

Now, Kait said to focus on the positives. That’s difficult for a personal pessimist, but here are the numbers for RoW80 Round 1:

Words written (including rewrites): 45,782
Words added to the manuscript: 39,528
Current manuscript total: 50,837 words
First draft: Finished. Working on first+n draft.

Not my best three months of work, but not my worst either. I could have done better in the last half.

*Or maybe "Yay!" Writing is like that.